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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dressing up as Willy Wonka

Back in March Fox News dubbed me the Kosher Willy Wonka. I am known around the area as the Candy Man; but when I meet people for the first time people occasionally ask me what it is like to be Willy Wonka?

I always respond that it is sweet. Yes it is a canned response but it is true. That brings me to this weeks entry.

I go to various networking events and I am a  member of various networking groups. This week two of the groups I am involved with were having a business after hours at my store. The theme for the party was an early Halloween Party. Costumes were optional.

Being the host and being the Candy Man I figured I needed to dress up. What to be was a no brainer. I was going to be the Willy Wonka. OK -- truth be told  I was the only one who put on a costume.

The first thing I did was google Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. I found multiple sites that had pictures from the movie as well as costume companies. I actually bought the costume from one of the sites but returned it because it looked like the amount I spent. In the end I bought a purple sport coat and had a seamstress help with the vest with material that I bought at a local fabric store.

So what do you think here is Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka
Picture From http://calitreview.com/7238
And here is me the Candy Man aka The Kosher Willy Wonka.

Picture compliments of http://www.starbellystudios.com/

Yes living the Life of the Candy Man is so Sweet.

PS -- stay tuned for a future blog with pictures of the sweet table at the business after hours.

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  1. Serious question. Are Wonka brand candies kosher? They have them here at work and I can't find the original package.