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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lollipop! Lollipop! Lollipop! How Many Lollipops!

Oh Lolli Lolli! With National Lollipop day coming up on July 20th, it is time to celebrate the birth of the lollipop.

The ironic thing is that the lollipop even has a sweet history. While some contend that lollipops stretch back to the early 1800’s, others contend that they were invented during the Civil War.

What is known for sure is that American candy store owner George Smith named and created the modern lollipop. He named it after his favorite racehorse Lolly Pop. He did this in 1908 after he had the brilliant idea to put candy on a stick. However, he did not trademark the name lollipop until 1931.

Over the years, the lollipop became a summer staple idolized in stories, movies, and song. 

At Illinois Nut and Candy we want to continue the tradition with the upcoming National Lollipop day on July 20th.

We want you to guess the number of lollipops in our Lollipop bowl. Guess correctly, and receive the entire bowl of lollipops.

National Lollipop Day
Also, while you are cracking the code on the number of lollipops, you can check out all the new varieties of lollipops that we just included.

So, give us a visit at the Illinois Nut & Candy Store at 3745 W Dempster in Skokie before we announce the winner on July 20th. Take a guess at how many lollipops you think are in the lollipop bowl.