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Friday, May 24, 2013

Candy Show 2013

After three days of which I only walked the 22 or 23 isles of McCormick Place two of them,  I can definitely say that being the candy man is sweet. How many people can actually say that they get paid to sample candy and snacks.

Yes we (My wife and I) found some new products as we always do but before I get to our latest acquisition for the store while I was walking the floor I saw some interesting mascots so for my readers entertainments

OK I should be taller than Napoleon and I am not even sure what he or the silver people were selling. Honest Abe had pretty good popcorn and the Turtle well lots not discuss him his attorney may sue me.  Then there was some sort of princess my wife told me to take a picture with but I was afraid she would think that I was some sort of perv which after I expressed my concern my wife greed and we left her alone. 

Yes there was bad tasting product too -- I ask how do you ruin a potato chip not sure but I tasted the worst chip ever and I actually felt bad for the model in the booth because by the end of the show she looked sad and had lots of extra samples. And then there was the pizza candy I wish the lady who created the item and was working her booth the best but lets say you will not be seeing either of those products in our store.

So what is new for the store?

What is it? The Raindrops candy machine. This machine dispenses a candy that as the manufacturer states is  Tiny Tasty Chewy Sweets. Made with all natural colors and flavors.

Also watch for new items in our Allergy friendly corner of the store as well as some new sugar free items as well.

Lastly I must ask why do companies come to trade shows and are not setup to take orders?

Wish I new.

Have a sweet day!