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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Emerald City in Chocolate

As the "Candy Man" I receive several odd and challenging requests.  Sometimes these requests area a wake-walk, and other times they can push my staff and I to really get creative.

A few weeks ago I was approached by a bride who asked me to help make her wedding a little bit more unique.  Her request was to create the Emerald City in chocolate.

Yes, that is right, a chocolate rendition of Emerald City.  Her wedding had a theme, which as you may have guessed was the Wizard of Oz. . . . and part of her 'dream' was to have a themed sweets table.

Naturally I was willing to help, as I view all special requests as an opportunity for Illinois Nut & Candy really shine.  But the ante was raised when I found out that her wedding would be filmed as part of a taping for a reality show.  [At this time I am contractually obligated to keep the name of the show a secret, but you may rest assured that details are soon to follow.] Follow us on Facebook.

In the meantime, under the pressure of time constraint my staff and I worked with the bride to make her dream a reality.

I'll let you be the judge to decide if what we modeled is a close enough replica of the Emerald City after a  scene from the movie.  Click photo to enlarge image for viewing.

Did we capture the essence?
We were able to build out the entire Emrald City-themed sweet table in chocolate except for the chocolate lollipop stand and the ceramic figurines.  The table was a 5' wide semi-circle or 'half moon,' and 2.5' deep across at he arc.

The "Life of the Candy Man" sure is sweet.

Have a sweet day!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anchors Away

Besides for being a local candy store where everyone is a kid at least for a few minutes we work with many corporate accounts as well as party planners to brand their corporate gifts or to help a party planner enhance their events.

We helped two new corporate clients last week.

The first corporate client we worked with was for a grand opening. We are creating custom branded truffles for their event. (sorry can't show these they are at the mold maker right now plus I signed an NDA)

For the second corporate account we are going to be creating Halloween Gifts. Yes Halloween is not for about 6 weeks but it never hurts to plan ahead. The client plans on trick or treating except she plans on bringing the treats. She is going to use a variety of our Halloween themed chocolate confections.

This brings me to the title of the blog Anchors Away.  Some of the more creative work we do is for party planners. We help them create the ultimate party favor or sweet table.  Last week we helped a party planner with a Bat Mitzvah on a Yacht.

So with chocolate anchors and personalized life preservers one young lady had very sweet party favors.

The life of the candy man is sure sweet!

Have a sweet day!