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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Something for Everyone

It has been a while since the last post and like I have said before if do not have something exciting or new to write about I do not want to bore you so I don't. 

But I have an interesting story to recount so I figured why not sweeten everyones day.

As you you know we are proud that we specialize in indulgence and in particular life cycle events.

We offer chocolate * Tifilin  for Bnai Mitzvahs & chocolate crosses  for baptism but until recently that was it.

Then a few weeks ago a customer came into the store and asked if we had anything for a an Aqeeqah Celebration. My first question was what is an Aqeeqah Celebration. The customer explained that she was Muslin and that she was having a party for her new son. So being that try to inclusive and try so sweeten everyone's day we worked with the customer to create an Aqeeqah Celebration chocolate lollipop.

If world politics was as easy as chocolate the world might just be a sweeter place

Have a sweet day!

*Tefillin (also called phylacteries) are two small leather boxes that contain verses from the Torah.  They are worn on the head and on one arm and are held in place by leather straps. Observant men and boys who have had their Bar Mitzvah usually wear tefillin during the morning prayer services.  Women do not usually wear tefillin, though this practice is changing