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Friday, August 14, 2015

Illinois Nut Skokie Merchant of the Year

village of skokie
I am so excited to announce that we won the 2015 Village of Skokie Merchant of the Year award and we could not have done it without you our customers.  Out of 350 ballots between 25 different Skokie businesses, we won!

How sweet is that?

We came in third place last year, so we are thrilled to win the award in 2015.

The honors for the Merchant of the Year are awarded on August 17th at the upcoming Village Board Meeting. Included is the plaque naming Illinois Nut and Candy as the merchant of the year, along with a trophy that is displayed at our store at 3745 Dempster for one year.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us! We appreciate your continued support!

You made our victory sweeter!