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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Big is Your Bubble

So How Big is Your Bubble?

So here is the reality the Ultimate Illinois Nut & Candy Fan contest that I had last year never really took off. It was hard to convince people to put on the peanut costume for a discount. Well that changed today right as we were getting ready to lauch our latest contest. A nice family came in the store today and convinced one of the members to put on the Peanut costume and dance to the wowwy zowwy gum ball machine.  So be sure to click the link and check it out it only took 10 months for a cutomer to take me up on the contest and to save 15% on their order.

With that being said it is now time for our latest contest the How Big is Your Bubble?  How big is your what? To get the word out about our newest line of candy the Shimmer Candy Line which includes shimmering micro bruisers and gum we are offering our customers the opportunity to blow a bubble with the new product that we can place on facebook. If you let us post your image on facbook you can save 15% on the new product

So to the two young lady’s and their mom who gave the OK who kicked off the contest and to Lynda my store manager who wanted to partake in the fun I say thank you. To the rest of our fans please check out our facebook page for more exciting photos of people blowing bubbles.

The life of the candy man is sure fun.

Have a sweet day!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An out of this world Wedding

A not so long ago in a town not that far away was a customer who was having a Star Wars Themed wedding.  The candy man was approached with the challenge of how to create a custom themed centerpiece. I also had the job of making sure that I did not infringe on trademarks.

This was no small feat as all of the available molds were not trademarked and I did not want to upset the force and the  power to be as the Star Wars franchise.

So after googling R2d2 wedding cakes I came up with the idea to make our very own  Chocolate2D2 a very  distant cousin of R2D2.  Chocolate2D2  comes from the Milky Way Galaxy and is a one off creation that was cute but sweet too.

Boy the life of the candy man is fun what will our next challenge be?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How Many Cups of Chocolate Chips Equal a Pound?

So as you know by this point I don't write unless I have something to write about. Well on Friday I was asked a very good question .... How many cups of chocolate chips equal a pound?

I looked at the customer and honestly said  I had no idea but I would figure it out.

So this post is in honor of that nice lady who asked the question that I did not have an answer to.

We have a variety of lactose free pareve chocolate chips. The variates include the standard and mini chocolate chips but also include, white chocolate chipscinnamon chips, butterscotch chips,  and caramel chips all of which are lactose free and pareve and can be found either in the store or on line in our chips section. But I digress the answer to the questions can be found in the below table
So here is how the conversion breaks out...

1 cup of chips 
regular chocolate chip
.44 lbs or just under 1/2 a lb
mini chocolate chip
.48 lbs or just under 1/2 a lb
white chocolate chip
.48 lbs or just under 1/2 a lb
cinnamon chip
.47 lbs or just under 1/2 a lb
butterscotch chip
.45 lbs or just under 1/2 a lb
caramel chip
.45 lbs or just under 1/2 a lb

Who new the life of the candy man would need math skills.

Have a sweet day!