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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An out of this world Wedding

A not so long ago in a town not that far away was a customer who was having a Star Wars Themed wedding.  The candy man was approached with the challenge of how to create a custom themed centerpiece. I also had the job of making sure that I did not infringe on trademarks.

This was no small feat as all of the available molds were not trademarked and I did not want to upset the force and the  power to be as the Star Wars franchise.

So after googling R2d2 wedding cakes I came up with the idea to make our very own  Chocolate2D2 a very  distant cousin of R2D2.  Chocolate2D2  comes from the Milky Way Galaxy and is a one off creation that was cute but sweet too.

Boy the life of the candy man is fun what will our next challenge be?

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