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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mothers Day Gifts

So Holiday's are always a time for gifting especially when it comes to Mother's Day.

I always find it interesting to see what people buy for their Mom's.  Many people have bought their Mom's Truffles. From 4 piece boxes to 25 piece boxes.

We have people who have purchased their Mom's boxes of Sugar Free chocolate.

Then we have had customers who have ordered options from our spell it in chocolate boxes including the most popular selection

But the best gift that I have seen so far was our customer who wanted to get her 90+ year old Mom her favorite treat a bag of Scottie Dogs.

Of course we bowed the bag. How sweet a Mom who was a grandma herself taking the time out her day to get her Mom her favorite treat.

The life of the candy man is sweet !

Happy Mother's Day!

Have a sweet day!