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Friday, November 6, 2015

10 Fun Ways for Your Kids to Play With Candy

As the holiday season approaches, it is always good to think about how your kids can enjoy their candy to utmost. That is why we want to discuss 10 fun ideas for kids to play their candy.

10 Fun Ways to Play with Candy 

chocolate skyline1. Nibble at the Chicago Skyline- First, take advantage of our Chicago skyline chocolate. Have your kids ever wanted to nibble the skyline as they drink hot cocoa over the holidays? Then this could be their chance as they nibble at the city. 

2. Stack chocolate building block lollipops on top of each other- Maybe your kids are more interested in building blocks than monsters? If that is the case, then they can build whatever their mind imagines with our chocolate building block lollipops.

3. Hold a fake court session with our chocolate gavel- Maybe that want to hold court during the holidays. Let them decide on the holiday decorations or choose a dish to eat for the holidays.

They can hear arguments from the bench (the parents) and then decide upon a just food to eat or decoration to use. Finally, instead of banging the gavel, they can eat the chocolate gavel.

Win-win for everyone!

4. Try to eat Chinese food with chocolate chopsticks- Not sure about you, but some of my fondest Jewish Christmas’s revolved around eating Chinese food with my family. 
chocolate chopsticks

A token of that fond memory is our chocolate chopsticks. You can share this with family members who want to partake in the memory…and the chocolate.  

5. Play a trivia game. You can create a number of different question games with Mike and Ikes. Make every color a specific category of questions. Decide on a game that would be fair and enjoyable for the whole family. 

6. Guess the number of jelly beans in a jar- Sometimes the oldies are the goodies. This is a great game to play when you have a number of kids to watch for the holidays. Perhaps a sleep over or school holiday party. 

Count up the jelly beans in advance. Then allow everyone a fair chance to guess the number of jelly beans in the jar. The closest guess wins a prize (jelly beans).

7. Use for holiday decor- Use the candy to create super-sweet Christmas ornaments. Additionally, you could use the candy for other projects during the holiday season. Parenting.Com mentions how you can use candy for decorating the gingerbread house or Christmas card wrappers.

8. M&M’s war- Not to say that I never did this, except every time I ate M&M’s as a child. The idea here is simple.

Take two M&M’s. One for each hand, and then squeeze each M&M at the same time. You eat the first one to burst in your hand, and the M&M goes on to the next round.

For full instructions, check out Science 2.0

sour bears
9. Sour Face Sour Bears- Find out who can make the sourest face after eating a sour bear. The candy that has given kids weird looks for years is a fun and entertaining game that is easy to learn.

Have the kids line up, and make sure you have more than one adult to be the judge. Then give each kid a handful of sour bears. They have 2 chances to win the sourest face award.

10. create a cool sundae with a mousse cup as the base- Who does not want an awesome sundae in the middle of winter.

Okay! Well, it is still a fun time for kids to play with sundaes. Like miniature snow parties inside the house with less mess.

Just take one of the Illinois Nut mousse cups and ice cream. Then fill it with all of your favorite sundae toppings. Voila!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! You now have your favorite, fun ways for kids to play with their candy. Choose the candy game you like most, and see what your kids think.

Then let us know in the comments what you think is the best candy game of the bunch.