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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Corporate gifting

 It might sound a bit early, but the holiday season is right around the corner. With everything from Halloween to Hanukah & Christmascoming up over the next few months, this is a banner time to express how much you appreciate your clients and vendors.

That is why I wanted to bring up a few corporate gifting ideas now to ensure you get the best return on investment possible.

5 Ideas for Corporate Gifting

1. Express gratitude- The first key to a good corporate gifting program is you need to express gratitude for the other persons help. A branded gift through Illinois Nut can be the perfect way to show this gratitude.

By doing so, you not only show gratitude, but also create an experience for the customer to remember you for future business.  


2. Give gifts people want- Do you remember when you were a kid and you got the ugly sweater from a relative? Nothing worse than giving a gift that the recipient does not like. It does more harm the good when you do not consider your recipient.

The best way to avoid this challenge is to think about what your clients want for the holidays.

For example, one of the reasons so many corporations choose our English Toffee and Clusters Gift package is because they are pure decadence. People can buy carrots any day they want. However, delicious chocolate is always remembered.


3. Ensure your gift is helpful to the entire office- No one likes being left out. Therefore, if you do send gifts for the holidays, make sure it is something that the entire office can enjoy. That way there is no favoritism.  

A great gift for the entire office is a corporate gift basket. Unlike other items like a tie or chocolate bar, everyone can have a little.

The executive might enjoy the tie, but a corporate basket makes you a favorite to everyone in the office.

Since business is always changing, you never know who your next client could be.  


4. Be ahead of the curve- While every other company is preparing to give a gift in December, you should avoid being part of the pack. Instead, give gifts when your competitors do not.

For example, Halloween is the perfect time to give a treat not a trick. What better way to tell your clients how hauntingly happy you are to work with them.

Furthermore, you might want to also consider gifts for Thanksgiving as well! Despite the popularity of Thanksgiving in the United States, very few companies send out gifts of thanks during this time of the year.

Generally they wait until the holiday season is in full swing. That is too late to stand out from the crowd. However, providing gifts on Halloween and Thanksgiving can make you unique!  

5. Be a creative procrastinator. If you are late in sending out gifts during the holidays, then consider instead sending out New Years holiday gifts instead.

That way you can help your clients ring in the new year, and you again stand out. Who else provides gifts during the New Years?

This could be your chance to blow in the New Year with our Spell It In Chocolate Happy New Years gift!

How can we help with your corporate gifting?

Let Illinois Nut and Candy help you with your corporate gifting this fall. Let us know how we can create a custom solution for your corporate gifting needs. Call us at 847-677-5777. Thanks!