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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Burger Wars

The life of the candy man is an interesting,  one day I can be helping a client talking about chocolate lobsters and then I can be at a networking event and hear that one of chambers I am involved with is Having a Burger War.

A burger war what does the candy man know about hamburgers? Actually I can grill a pretty good one but I digress, the contest the chamber was running which starts today has three categories 1) Taste 2) Creativity 3) Presentation.

I know our chocolate is good but better that an beef burger in a burger contest -- perhaps if you are vegan. So I figured we would go for the creative angle and create the ultimate chocolate hamburger and fries plate.

In addition to the fancy plate you can also purchase a milk or semi sweet chocolate burger on a stick.

So let the voting begin you can vote once a day starting today through September 16th.

In our great Chicagoland tradition please be sure to vote often.

Have a sweet day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

National S'mores Day

Who knew that there was an actually a day called National S'mores day!

Well I just found out that Friday August 10th is National Smores day which is why I am posting twice in one week.
So to honor this confectionary holiday we are selling s'mores on August 10th for $2.00 a smore instead of the usual $2.50 that is more than 15% off of the regular price.

Here is what is special about our s'mores A traditional s'more is a graham cracker sandwich filled with chocolate and marshmallows. Our s'mores are a graham cracker sandwich filled with marshmallows and then covered in chocolate  -- our own special twist on this national favorite.

Have a sweet day!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding + Chocolate = Happily Ever After

2 piece chocolate barks and Chicago Skyline Chocolate Bar
Our Chicago Skyline chocolate bars and 2 piece
chocolate barks recently aided in the success of a
client's wedding weekend. 
At Illinois Nut & Candy we help people with life cycle events, usually happy ones like: weddings, bar \ bat mitzvahs, birth dates and personal successes stories.  Of course, we are also there when the sad ones happen including Shiva /Bereavement.

Thankfully at Illinois Nut & Candy, the happy moments far out number the sad ones. One of the happier moments that we recently had was for a couple getting married in late July. They were looking for help with hospitality bags for their hotel guests.  The couple had a moderate budget, and they wanted to assemble bags on their own.

Many ideas went back and forth through e-mail for months out, but as the weeks passed and the date neared a few phone were made and finally a decision.  The reception was for 40, and their hotel block consisted of 5 rooms. The reason I say this is that we put the same care in the big parties as we do the smaller ones.

In the end, the couple went with a 2 piece chocolate bark combination of Smooth Peanut Butter Bark and Chocolate M&M Bark for each table setting, and Chicago Skyline chocolate bars for their out of town guests staying at the hotel. And a special thank you to Jennifer for letting put her email in my blog ...

Dear David, Thank you again for accommodating our last minute order. The skyline bars and chocolate barks were a big hit. We think we got about as many compliments on the chocolate as we did our ceremony and reception. Our friend Carleen said she devoured the skyline bar after checking in, thinking she would just take a bite before heading to the ceremony. Another friend, Michael said he couldn't remember a chocolate bar that was as creamy and smooth as the skyline bar, and regretted that he couldn't finish the bar, because his +1 yanked it out of his hand. The restaurant placed the barks Peanut Butter side up at our reception and they looked great against the Fern Bichon linens and Chocolate L'Amour runners. What doesn't go good with Chocolate? Thanks 1000x to you and your staff.
Please give us a call if your next event could use a custom chocolate touch, or if you're seeking Chicago themed treats for your out of town guests.

And if you are looking to have a large event see video our Wizard of Oz themed sweets table featured on TLC's Four Weddings.

Another sweet moment in the Life of the Candy Man!

Have a sweet day!