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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Burger Wars

The life of the candy man is an interesting,  one day I can be helping a client talking about chocolate lobsters and then I can be at a networking event and hear that one of chambers I am involved with is Having a Burger War.

A burger war what does the candy man know about hamburgers? Actually I can grill a pretty good one but I digress, the contest the chamber was running which starts today has three categories 1) Taste 2) Creativity 3) Presentation.

I know our chocolate is good but better that an beef burger in a burger contest -- perhaps if you are vegan. So I figured we would go for the creative angle and create the ultimate chocolate hamburger and fries plate.

In addition to the fancy plate you can also purchase a milk or semi sweet chocolate burger on a stick.

So let the voting begin you can vote once a day starting today through September 16th.

In our great Chicagoland tradition please be sure to vote often.

Have a sweet day!

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