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Monday, October 4, 2010

It Was Close...

Part of living the Life of the Candy Man is delivering what you promise. Making the chocolate is the easy part I control what gets made on what day. Unfortunately we are beholden on packaging companies and shipping companies to make our custom orders a reality.

Over the last month we have been closed quite a bit because of all the Jewish Holidays. Rosh Hashanah and Sukkoth in particular. Anyway we had an order for an existing customer who happens to be a not for profit.  Their event was last Wednesday night. We promised delivery of their party favors the Monday before. The party favors were custom business cards 

(which we already had the mold for)  with a custom printed box.

The client ordered a bit late but I assured them that all was good. The boxes were ordered, the chocolate was made and we were ready to pack the boxes when the carrier showed up on Monday. The carrier came but no boxes. I called the box company as I was getting that sinking feeling in my gut and asked if they had a tracking #. The client rep pulled up the tracking # and said that the carrier had left the boxes by the back door the Friday before when we were closed. At which point I felt like hurling .

I called the depot and they got a hold of the driver who happened to be a substitute. The driver freely told the depot that he left the boxes behind a dumpster in the alley the previous Friday because we were closed. After several expletives I hung up called the box company and told them what happened. My question was could the boxes and there were several cases worth be reprinted and overnight-ed. The box company (who I love and have sent chocolate too) told me that I could have the boxes in the early AM on Wednesday.

I then called my client with the bad news and gave her 2 choices
1) blank boxes with the custom chocolate ready Monday afternoon as originally promised 
2) the custom boxes delivered on Wednesday right before the event.

The client said she trusted me and would wait for the custom chocolate until right before the event on Wednesday.  The carrier arrived early last Wednesday morning and then the entire team pulled together and packed the order. I can honestly say that sometime the Life of the Candy Man is stressful and causes me to have either less hair or more gray hair. 

That being said here is a bit of the email the client sent me after the event.
"Thank you for getting the chocolates to the hotel on time! It worked out great.

Another sweet success story of a branded party -- too bad it was so stressful.
Have a sweet day!

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