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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Sweetest Ride

Illinois Nut & CandyPart of living the Life of the Candy Man is all about marketing myself and the company. We have done this in several unique ways first was the outside of the building.

Next was my van. Yes many companies have lettering on their vans as do we on our big Ford Panel Van. But when I was getting ready to get a new vehicle I decided...
  • I needed something over the top
  • Something that turned peoples heads
  • Something that made people want to come to the store
So that is what I did I worked with the graphic artists at Three Cat Media. I explained to them that I needed something that would turn heads. After Rob came up with the final design my five year old said something along the lines of "... I want to eat the truck" we sent the files over to Shira at Speedpro. And whalla two days later I had the most noticeable ride in town.

Candy Van Here is where the story gets good. My Wife subscribes to Angie's Listback in June while reading the magazine she saw the advertisement for the Trump My Truck Contest. So with a little photographic help from my Sister In-law Jenny (thanks for the great picture) we entered the contest. Little did I know that we were entering the inaugural year of the contest. But we entered and became the first winner of the Trump My Truck

To celebrate the victory we are offering the following use PROMO code TRUCK and get 20% off of your next online order valid through the end of the year.

Anglie's ListBy the way if you are a member of Angie's List and have used our services giving us a review to go along with the one we have would be great!

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Have a sweet day!

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