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Monday, June 1, 2015

6 Perfect Treats for Summer

Do you need the perfect treat for summer? Whether it is for a wedding or just a walk by the beach on a beautiful day, you need to make sure you get the right candy that will melts your heart away, and not in the sun. 

The candies we mention below do not melt and are clean fun for a summer day, so you can have the perfect treat.

Enjoy Your 6 Perfect Treats

blue popcorn ball
Popcorn- Of course we start with the almighty popcorn. A perennial favorite whenever you are going to the movie or need a portable snack for kids.

Check out our popcorn balls in blue, light blue, yellow, green, and red. Great for kids who like to play with their food before eating it.  Just make sure they do not throw it across the park.

Maybe the safer option would be regular popcorn. Fear not! We have popcorn in green, blue, pink, and purple in addition to the traditional butter, caramel, and cheese popcorn.

Get your popcorn! Get your popcorn!

cotton candyCotton candy- We brought this up a few weeks ago on the blog, but are still excited about the new Cotton Candy machine we just installed at Illinois Nut.

Cotton Candy is a summer staple for fairs, ballparks, and now wherever you want to go with our premium cotton candy. 

Rock candy- A great option for kids who love all the different colors. Rock candy sometimes gets a bit sticky in the summer, but does not melt like chocolate or other candies.  Try not to leave it in the car when it is 90 degrees out, and you should be good. 

Kids love the sweet taste of rock candies, while wedding planners love rock candy for the prolific number of weddings they use them.

Jelly beans- Finally a great treat for the adults as well as kids. Jelly beans are the best when they just melt in your mouth.
assorted jelly beans

Two of our favorites are the standard mix of jelly beans and the can of beer flavored jelly beans. 

Jordan Almonds- Another option that might tempt the taste buds are Jordan almonds. These almonds are generally the symbol for celebration.

Many of our patrons use the almonds for celebrations they hold in the summer.

Small Fruit Mix- Do you need some nice trail mix to go hiking? Then you explore the wild and this amazing bag of great treats.

The small fruit mix is a healthy snack to take along on long hikes through nature. 

What is your favorite treat for the summer?

Let us know which of the treats above, you enjoy most in the summer? Is there something we missed? Leave us a comment, so we know what you think is the perfect treat for the summer.

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