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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How About a box of FREE Chocolates?

I am kicking off our 3rd Annual LinkedIn Confection Connection Program.   As believers in networking, we know warm leads are worth their weight in, well, candy and chocolate, so here’s what I’m hoping you’ll be kind enough to do. 

Introduce me via e-mail to a person you know who buys corporate gifts or really likes to show appreciation to customers on a major scale during the holidays and throughout the year. Then you receive a FREE box of chocolates in the store as my thank you for your referral.

If that lead turns into actual business, you also receive a FREE $50 gift basket!

Here are a few ideal customers we want to connect with to give you an idea of who we want to meet:

  • ·         Human Resource Managers
  • ·         Sales Managers
  • ·         Marketing Managers

Any help that you could provide us connect with these ideal customers would be delightful. Thanks in advance and… 

Have a sweet day!


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