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Monday, June 15, 2015

Get Ready For Fathers Day

Dads! They do so much for us that it only makes sense we created a whole day to celebrate their ability to help us. After all, fathers look over us protectively. They help mold us into better people. And do not forget how they make sure your car has enough gas in the tank.

Whether you have a serious or a goofy dad, more than likely you picked up a few traits from the old man. They give us so much!

In honor of their contribution, Illinois Nut and Candy wants to help you celebrate dad in style on June 21st.

That is why we have come up with a few sweet items we believe your chocolate loving dad will love for Father’s Day.

Dads’ Wish list

chocolate golf balls
First we have a five chocolate golf ball box. This is perfect for the dad who likes to get in 18 before all the fathers’ day celebrations truly begin.

While they might not want to use this on the golf course, because it could become a water hazard. You can still get the most out of it as a snack after the first nine.

Don't shout 4, order your Five Ball Chocolate Golf Ball Box HERE.

Chocolate Toolbox SetSecond, perhaps your dad is more the handy man type? Well, then we have the sweetest toolset for fathers interested in keeping the house ship shape.

Our chocolate tool box has everything from a hammer, saw, and pliers to keep your father eating the best chocolates around.

Hit the nail on the head with this gift. Get your Chocolate Toolbox HERE

Third, maybe you just need to remind pops that he is number one in your life. If that is the case, then check out our Chocolate Number 1 Dad Lollipop for fathers’ day this year.

Let your dad know he’s number 1 by ordering your Chocolate Number 1 Dad Lollipop HERE

Get A Present Now For Dad

What present do you think is best for your dad? Is he the golfer or the handyman? Or is he just number one in your heart? Either way, celebrate his greatness.

Finally, we all know that your dad probably hated it when you were late. Therefore, make sure you do not wait for the last minute to get him a gift. Contact Illinois Nut and Candy at 847-677-5777 to get your order in for dad today.

P.S. Wish your dad a Happy Fathers Day from all of us at Illinois Nut and Candy!

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