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Friday, May 18, 2012

Love is in the Air

Like I have said before the life of the Candy Man is sweet especially when I get to help someone make a love connection.

A Love Connection in May?

We actually had 2 today.

First was earlier today around 7:00am before the store opened I got a call from a person in his car who was looking for Chocolate Strawberries to surprise someone special with. I explained that this was a special order and we did not have strawberries but he could get them later in the day.

He explained he needed them now for an early morning surprise -- so I suggested dipped glaced fruit not strawberries but close.

He was happy and was on his way before 7:30am.

The Love Connection we made today was using our Spell it in Chocolate box. One of my staff took an order for a box with the message I Love You.

So for just an ordinary Friday in May there was love in the Air at Illinois Nut & Candy.

Have a sweet day!  

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