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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Candy Man's Adventures at the 2012 Candy Show

I has been a year since my last visit to the candy show. As I tell my friends walking 24 rows of candy is a tough job.

They laugh when I say that but think about it for a minute regardless of your industry when you walk a trade show is it not work?

OK my work is sweeter than most but at the end of the day I have a goal to find new and exciting items to bring to the store.

This year I found some new items for the store

We are going to start carrying Gluten Free cookies individually wrapped. I tried them and you won't miss the Gluten. Those items are already available it is great when you can buy a booth at the end of the show.

The next to arrive hopefully next week is a line of natural gummy candies. This is great since as I have mentioned before my son is allergic to food coloring can you imagine being the son of the Candy Man and being allergic to food coloring?

Then soon to follow is a natural Australian Licorice. This was an item that I found last year except the company that we were supposed to get it from showed the product and then never produceed it. This is a new company with a superior product. I am very excited about it and will be ordering it today.

Some big news from the show is we will start to carry yummy earth buttons in bulk.

My last news of the show is that I found a company that has great pressed candy in some really cool shapes. Here is the problem they do not have a local distributor which means I would need to bring in a pallet of product at a time. Though we bring pallets in all the time it is never of just one type of product. This is a big decision not to be made lightly. If I decide to bring in the product I will be sure to put it on the web and let everyone know.

Other than that the show had some great samples and I ate my way through the show. The one thing that I missed was the ice cream samples.

Oh well I saved a few calories.

Have a sweet day!

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