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Friday, May 4, 2012

It has been a while....

Sorry all it It has been a while since my last post.

I wish I had written sooner but when you take 1 week off for a holiday like I did for Passover some times it is hard to start writing again.

I wanted today to write about an exciting thing that aired last week

Several month ago I was approached to be on a radio show called Game Changers.

Why you might ask am I am game changer?

Well as the candyman I have helped our clients brand themsleves in unique sweet ways via corporate gifts.

So a few weeks ago I went out to their studion and partook in a pretaped on air interview. You can listen to the interview by clicking this link. (I am about 11 minutes in)

What I found most interesting about the experience was the following
  1. Talking to the media gets easier and is more fun each time
  2. Other small business people are going through the same types of things regardless of the industry.
I hope you enjoy listening to the show and promise to write about what is going on more regularly.

If you are in Chicgaoland come visit me at the Children Kohl Musuens Touch A Truck show this Sunday from 10am-2pm.

Have a sweet day!

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