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Sunday, December 4, 2011

NBC Channel 5 Sunday 6 AM News

Yes it was dark and rainy this past Sunday morning, but the Candyman was able to sweeten up a local  TV news segment. How and Why you may be asking yourself.

Well for the last couple of years we have been participating the World of Chocolate Event that benefits AIDS research.  The first year we we brought with a lot of chocolate that people enjoyed but I realized that many other vendors had themes so last year we had a them Chanukah and Christmas and then at the last minute the Governor announced the legalization of same sex marriages so we brought with our LGBT molds.

As the date was nearing for the World of Chocolate event their PR firm sent out an inquiry looking for unique ways to get media coverage. I offered a chocolate NBC peacock. The PR firm did their magic and next thing you know I was on TV along with my trusty helper my son.

Click to watch video

The culmination of the week was the World of Chocolate Event. where we brought out the Emerald City along a few characters from Oz.

What will we do next year?

Not sure yet but I have a few idea.

Have a sweet day!

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