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Saturday, August 27, 2011

34" Pucker Powder

Hello -- 
This weeks blog is a funny story of what happened in the store last week. I promise I could not make this up. 

On Tuesday last week two young boys if I had to guess about 9 or 10 came in the store. One of the boys asked my staff how much a 34" Pucker Powder was. 

For those of you that do not know Pucker Powder is a fun machine that allows a person to create his or her own candy tube filled with colored flavored sugar. The sizes are 6" (what most people buy), 12", 18" and the super large 34" (the one that usually grandparent will buy for their grand kids. )

But I digressed -- my staff answered and the boy said OK and proceeded to make a 34" tube (shown above).

Here is where the story gets funny 
The boy came to the counter to pay and took out of his pocket a $10 Hong Kong bill. When my staff informed him that we only take U.S. currency he demanded to speak to the manager. 

I was called from the back and this little boy proceeded to tell me that my employee refused to take his money.

I smiled at him (already having been told the story) and politely told him that we only accept U.S. currency being I did not know the exchange rate. The boy then pulled out of his wallet a Walmart gift card and asked to pay with it. I again smiled and explained that I was not Walmart.

I let the boy know that if he did not have enough U.S. money (which he only had $1.92) I would save his tube and he could come back later.

He said OK turned around and left the store I wished him a sweet day.

He never came back.

Oh well.

The life of the candy man is sweet unless you get stuck with a 34" tube of Pucker Powder filled with sweet and sour sugar it is both  sweet and sour.

Have a sweet day! 

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