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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Practicing what you preach

As the Candy Man I am more than just the guy who sells candy over the counter, I'm the guy who helps his clients send unique corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression.

At every meeting I stress to my potential clients the need to say "Thank You" and preferably not around the normal time of year. I stress that a card, a box of chocolate, or a gift card go a long way. Sure I wish everyone would use my services but that is not the reality. What is the reality is that those who follow up with a thank you of sorts are more successful in life.

Here are my top 5 reasons to say Thank You and of course I always do it in chocolate:

  1. Good referral - preferably one that leads to business.
  2. Annual Thank you gifts to clients who meet a certain criteria.
  3. A doctors office admin that who gets me an appointment (yes it is OK to offer a bribe with chocolate)
  4. Potential Client after he/she saw me
  5. Vendor who went out of his/her way to make my life easier (Yes it is OK to offer a bribe with chocolate. Sometimes the offer of chocolate prior will actually make the vendor help you. Or as in the case with one vendor we already have an understanding she pushes my order to the front of the line and I sweeten up her teams week.) 
So if you would like to get a FREE box of chocolate no problem all you have to do is one of the above and I would gladly send you a box.

Saying 'Thank You' in a sweet way is all part of living the "Life of the Candy Man."

Have a sweet day!

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