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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jury Duty

I usually write about the interesting things that happen in the store or things that are going to happen in the store. This week's blog is about what happened last week outside of the store.

I was summoned by Cook County for jury duty. First off, it is very interesting that when you tell people you are going to jury duty, you get a variation of one of two responses; "you chump" or "good for you." I have been summoned in the past and was lucky enough to sit around a large room for a day and ultimately be dismissed. I have to be honest I was hoping for the same this time.

Wrapped Promotional Candies from Illinois Nut & CandyWell, that did not happen. I arrived at the court house and was assigned a panel number. Next thing I knew I was Juror #7. I figured I would still be excused when they started asking questions and I answered yes to over half of them, but not the case. I was selected to be a juror on a civil case for injuries received as a result of a car accident.

Yes as you might expect I used the jury deliberation room during breaks and lunch as an opportunity to tell the eleven others about Illinois Nut and Candy. Ten of them had never heard of Illinois Nut or RaisingTheCandyBar.com and the other one has driven by it, but never came in. I had brought with wrapped candies, as many of you know I never let an opportunity pass to promote the business. I now know if I am ever called again to civic duty that I should bring chocolates as there is a lot time when you are waiting for procedural stuff to take place and food, especially sweets, is a great common denominator.

I am not going to bore you with details, but after listening to testimony we were sent to the jury room. I volunteered to be the jury foreman and am happy to say that after deliberating for over an hour and half we came to what we thought was a fair and just verdict.

So living the "Life of the Candy Man" is not always sweet, but let me ask this. . . .am I a chump for not getting out of it? Or am I a good citizen? You decide, but I can only hope that if I ever need a jury that it is not made up of people who just couldn't beat the system.

Have a sweet day!

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