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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chocolate Pizza?

Yes as the Candy Man I get many requests. Some of the most interesting requests that I have got in the past that are suitable for this blog were...

Can you make me a chocolate lobster

At the time we couldn't but we got the molds and were able to by the time the client needed the lobster.

Can you make a chocolate violin?

Of course were have an entire music themed collection on our website, which includes the pianos, violins, a saxophone and a variety of musical notes.

But the latest request that I got was for Chocolate Pizza. Yes chocolate pizza. We had small pizza boxes on hand from when a client once order popcorn pizza for a holiday gift. So we made two slices of pizza in chocolate and sent the link to the client.

The client wanted to know could we make it look more like pizza so we did.

She was happy I assume the recipient was happy too.

All part of the day in the Life of the Candy Man.

If you have a custom request please email me at info@illinoisnut.com to make your vision a reality.

Have a sweet day!

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