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Monday, August 9, 2010

No place like home... or what once was

At Illinois Nut & Candy we help our customer place orders for life cycle events such as baby's, birthday's, Bar and Bat Mitzvah  and Weddings.

Today I was helping a nice lady place an order for her Daughter's Bat Mitzvah. ( I digress but  her color theme was pink and I need to mention that we match candy and confections to a parties color)

As part of the order taking process I asked for her billing address for her credit card. She started to give me the number and I as I wrote it down I realized that I had lived in that house during part of my childhood. 

What a small world so after I asked a bunch of questions about how the house has stayed the same or changed I finished taking her order wished her a Mazel Tov and told her to have a sweet day.

The conversation made me think back to some happy times in the house I spent part of my youth in.

As I hung up the phone I had a smile of my face and was ready to help the next customer who did not live a house that I once lived in but down the block ... just kidding.

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