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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And the winner is.....

Last year the Evanston Chamber of commerce had the inaugural Burger War.

We entered and with the help of our raving fans won the Award in the Creativity category. This year the Chamber expanded the competition to include with the Burger War the Salad Skirmish.

We love to put our creative skills on display so we entered the competition.  We competed against some of the top restaurants in town. I knew we could not win for the healthiest salad, but I hoped that we would win the Creative Category.

Well, after a month plus of voting the results were announce tonight at the Evanston Mash up.  We did not win the Creative category but we did win the Presentation Category.

So to my talented Chocolatiers I say great job. To the many who voted for our salad I say thank you for showing your support.

To the rest of you I say chocolate really is a vegetable just don't tell my kids that I said that.

The Life of the Candy man is sweet.

Have a sweet day!

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