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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot of the Fourth of July

It was really hot in Chicagoland on the 4th of July well over 100 degrees  but what is the difference between 100 and 104 not much.

Like we do every year we asked our friends  and their families to march with us in the Skokie 4th of July parade. Thank you to all who braved the heat and helped to pass out over 10,000 pieces of candy to the community.

Though it was hot we all all had fun and maybe found a new customer or two.

Our marches marched to the song the candy man being played on a loud speaker mounted to our van.

Want to march with us next year let me know it is a fun thing to do with your kids.

This week in the sweltering heat the life of the candy man was sweet, but it is just too hot thank G-d for air conditioning,

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