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Monday, February 13, 2012

A New Prodcut that I got to debut on National TV

We have been very greatful the last few months and have had some great media exposure.

It started out with benig on the local NBC station in December only to have our bride win the Four Weddings TV show in January and then in February we were honored to be called by Fox Business to have our store featured on the broadcast.

The Life of the candy man has been very exciting. But what is just as exciting is our latest item the Spell It In Chocolate box.

We have had sevearl people make requests to spell something in chocolate so we commisioned a custom set of molds made that allows people to spell their message in a 5X5 grid giving them 25 characters to express themselves, and if there are spaces we fill those spaces with truffles.

So I thought it would be great to unveil the item to Jeff Flock from Fox business when he was in our kitchen today with a message to them

Living the life of the candy man is sure sweet.  Watch on facebook and twitter for a link to our appearance or simply check out our youtube channel  incase you missed it.

Have a sweet day!

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