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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Candy Show

A Day in the Life of the Candy with King Chocolate or maybe the Chocolate G-d not sure he did not talk.

This week is the candy show I am very lucky the show is in Chicago so I don't have to travel to a far off location just to McCormick place. I normally go the first and last day of the show which is why I am writing today.

For those who are wondering the show is actually a lot of work. Yes I ate my way through 22 aisles of candy, confections, and snacks. Some were potential products for the store while others where just yummy treats. Thank you to Mars for the awesome Ice Cream sandwich lunch much appreciated.

For me the most important part of the show is touching base with my current suppliers who in many cases I only see once a year.  This face time allows me to let them know what works and what we would like to see. Additionally it allows me to tell some of the managers how great their customer service staff is. In one case the manager actually pulled out his blackberry and shot off an email thanking the staff person.

This year I found many new products that will grace the pages of this blog for the weeks to come some of the products will even make Mom's happy too!

Stay tuned as I plan on using the blog as a means to release the news about the new products in the store. 
Have a sweet day!


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