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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Lactose and Casein Free Products

Lactose Free/Casein
Free Chocolate Covered
Holiday Pretzels
It's been a bit nutty here at the Illinois Nut & Candy store, and it is safe to say that the "life of the candy man" has been happily exhausting the last few weeks.

Just wanted to post about two exciting new treats for those who can't eat Lactose or Casein.

For years those ever popular Christmas pretzels have been a treat that everyone loves. Only, one little problem: they have food coloring and they are covered in a milk based coating.

So, thanks to the advice of my five year old son, we now offer a treat that is perfect for those who can't have food coloring as well as those who, for various health reasons can't process Lactose or Casein.

White Chocolate Holiday
Pretzels (Lactose and
Casein Free)
For the time first at Illinois Nut & Candy and possibly the world, Raising the Candy Bar (our online store) is proud to introduce Lactose Free/Casein Free Christmas Pretzels.

Happy Sweet Holidays!

P.S. Our 3rd Annual LifeSource Blood Drive is this Sunday December 12, 2010, from 10:30am - 3:30PM. And now through Dec 31st you can SAVE BIG on all or your holiday purchases from Illinois Nut & Candy.

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